IV Nurse Day 2014—Never Stop Celebrating


Celebrating IV Nurse Day

IV Nurses around the globe celebrate this special day. Below are just some of the celebrations taking place and we’d love to hear your story too. If you’re planning on celebrating, tell us what you’re doing and we’d be honored to publish it.

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Lower Columbia Chapter
The Lower Columbia Chapter of INS had a moving celebration on January 28, 2014. The theme for the evening was "Celebrating Pearls of Wisdom." The 50 guests were seated at dinner tables decorated with pearls, shells, and candles and each place-setting had an agenda decorated with a pearl.

The highlight of the evening was a tribute to one of our very special nurses, Maryann Dutton, who is a genuine treasured gem. She is 76 years old and still works full time. She served as our treasurer for at least 20 years! Also there to honor her was her sister Fran and daughters Pam and Jenny, who flew in from South Carolina for this special event.

The dinner was sponsored in collaboration between 3M and J&J, which included vital information on how the new reimbursement process affects clinical practice and product selection.


Vascular Access & Infusion Services Team, Wheeling Hospital, Wheeling, WV
Under the guidance of our nurse manager, Susan Hunt, RN, OCN®, and INS member, we celebrated IV Nurse Day by displaying information on the five departments through which we provide services:

Observation, Home Infusion, Outpatient Infusion,  PICC Team, and Vascular Access. The 20 nurses in Vascular Access and Infusion Services (VAIS) are cross-trained to more than one of these departments, which shows our versatility. In 2010 our PICC team was the first in the state of West Virginia to use the ECG technology for PICC placement. 
Our display also gives a history of each individual nurse’s expertise in the health care field. We incorporated a game for our colleagues to participate in by matching the nurse to her childhood photograph.  The winner received the displayed gift basket. 
We also celebrated IV Nurse Day by giving each of our nurses an IV nurse badge holder and pen. We celebrated with some sweet treats for all. We are proud to be employees of Wheeling Hospital and members of the Vascular Access & Infusion Services Team.


South Florida Chapter
South Florida Chapter celebrates IV Nurse Day! MISHA cupcakes were served as an IV Nurse Day treat for all who attended.
Two INS national memberships were awarded to Jean Hull and Karen Madison.
Three people together: Hagan Cherry, Bonnie Smith, Speaker, and Tomas Pita
Seated at table
(left side): Carmel Cahill, Susan Hayes, Marie Neary-Weathers, Loretta Gregory, Jean Hull, Shawn Doyle

(right table): Kathleen Blackwood, Val Van Ostran, Miriam Hitchman, Fanya Tokwaulu, Diane Orme, Debra Garcia

Central Florida Chapter
The Central Florida chapter held an educational session at which we received a special proclamation from the mayor declaring it IV Nurse Day in all of Orange County. [Photo is Chapter President William Miller with the official proclamation]


Central Florida Health Alliance
The Central Florida Health Alliance is proud to recognize our current Vascular Access Team (VAT): Jodi Stump, Sherry Fort, Linda Cordle, Melissa Rodden, Lauren Blough, Darlene Bocchichio, Theresa Konieczny, Randy McCown, Toni Clark. and Jeff Dalpiaz.


Barnes-Jewish Hospita, St. Louis, Mo
The Vascular Access Service at Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Mo., begins the celebration of IV Nurse Day by decorating a display board in the lobby of the South campus at the beginning of the week. Each year we pick a theme that highlights what the team is doing and includes a picture of every IV nurse on the Vascular Access Team. This year we wanted to highlight ECG-guidance technology and chose the phrase "We've got rhythm" to bring attention to the display. We end the week with a dinner filled with good food and fun! This year our dinner was held on Thursday, January 23, 2014.

3M, B Braun, Aesculap Academy, and Malaysian Infusion Nurses Special Interest Group (MINSIG) celebrated IV Nurse Day onJanuary 25,  2014, by conducting a seminar for nurses.

Each year, we set up a kiosk in the cafeteria displaying the accomplishments of our team and teammates over the past year. This year we have so much to celebrate since the last IV Nurses Day, such as increasing our skill sets through ultrasound use and midline placements; renaming ourselves the "Vascular Access Team"; increasing the number of CRNI®s on the team; winning the "Shooting Star Award" for our role in patient safety excellence related to PIV insertions; celebrating Patty Eady, RN, CRNI®, for  winning the "Spirit of Nursing Award"; celebrating Susan Pate, RN, CRNI®, for being named "CRNI of the Year" for 2013; as well as celebrating Marlene Stout, RN, CRNI®, for being named president-elect of the North Carolina Infusion Nurses Society. It's been an excellent year for the Carolinas Medical Center's Vascular Access Team, and we look forward to accomplishing more infusion therapy excellence in 2014! 
Alisha Palmer, MSN, RN
Carolinas Medical Center
Charlotte, NC


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