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I joined INS because as the Nurse Educator for Long Term Children’s Hospital I needed reliable evidence-based research for my staff. To my amazement, everything I needed was at my fingertips in minutes, including competencies, procedures, and opportunities to dialogue with other nurses facing similar challenges. I am now a loyal customer of INS. Maria Milillo, RN, MSN



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Once in a while in a lifetime, you may be privileged to cross paths with someone who is uniquely special. That person will make an extraordinary effort to succeed no matter what the obstacle. Those of us who strive to achieve our day-to-day work and home tasks can only look and marvel at what these exceptional individuals accomplish despite insurmountable problems. Debbie Cousino, CRNI®, was one of these exceptional individuals. I’m honored to have had her as a part of my life.

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"Tri-City Medical Center’s NICU PICC team is a nurse-based team developed to proactively and positively impact our NICU’s CLABSI rate. We are proud to announce that we have had a zero CLABSI rate for more than five years. We have rigid training, continuing competencies, and have changed the culture of the entire unit to ensure the safety of our catheters in our tiniest patients at Tri-City. A huge congratulations to the NICU PICC team and all the NICU staff at Tri-City. Thank you for all the hard work that made this achievement possible."
Susan Azarian, RNC-NIC, PICC Team Coordinator

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Infusion Card Deck Series Now Revised. Get yours in the INS Store.

CRNI® Academy – A New Way to Study for CRNI® Exam

Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice Crosswalk: 2011/2016, Now Available in INS Learning Center.

Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice and 2016 Policies and Procedures for Infusion Therapy now available in print and e-versions.


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