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The always helpful INS Staff is listed below with job descriptions, phone numbers, and direct links to their e-mail addresses.

Executive Office

Mary Alexander, MA, RN, CRNI®, CAE, FAAN
Chief Executive Officer 

(781) 440-9408 ext. 750

Mary Alexander is the Chief Executive Officer of the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) and the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC). As CEO, she also serves as the Editor of the Journal of Infusion Nursing. Ms. Alexander has served the organization in a wide variety of roles at the local and national levels, including terms on the INS Board of Directors and several committees. The INS Board of Directors appointed Ms. Alexander to her current position as CEO in 1997.

Christopher Hunt
Executive Vice President 

(781) 440-9408 ext. 317

Chris Hunt manages INS’ operational activities including marketing and communications, education, membership, meetings, certification and technology management. He is responsible for the overall management of the INS staff and volunteer infrastructure as well as new business development.


Chelsea McCue
Accounting Manager
(781) 440-9408 ext. 323

As Accounting Manager, Chelsea is responsible for all areas relating to accounting functions and financial reporting. Chelsea is responsible for daily, weekly, and monthly accounting tasks and activities. She develops and maintains accounting principles, practices, and procedures to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting.


Michelle Berreth, RN, CRNI®, CPP
Nurse Educator

(781) 440-9408 ext. 341

Michelle serves as a clinical resource for the INS membership and other healthcare professionals. She is responsible for the clinical content development of INS’ continuing education programs in compliance with ANCC Commission on Accreditation criteria.

Nancy Delisio, RN
Nurse Educator
(781) 440-9408 ext. 345
Nancy serves as the clinical resource for the Clinical Nursing Forum section of the INS Knowledge Center. She is also responsible for the development of special educational projects and resources.

Please note: If you have a clinical question for our nursing staff, do not submit by e-mail. All INS member clinical questions must be submitted online via the Clinical Nursing Forum in the INS Knowledge Center. This is the most efficient way to have your clinical question answered.


Meghan Cavanaugh
Meetings Manager
(781) 440-9408 ext. 335
Meghan manages all activities related to INS’ Meetings Department to enhance and showcase INS’ national meetings. She is responsible for exhibit booth, advertising, and sponsorship sales, as well as attendee marketing.
Yvonne Drake
Meetings Coordinator 
(781) 440-9408 ext. 354
Yvonne is responsible for all logistical planning for INS national, board, and committee meetings. She assists the meetings manager with exhibit booth, advertising, and sponsorship sales and works with members of the hospitality community in the city of each INS meeting.



Jason Beal
Director of Marketing

(781) 440-9408 ext. 316

Jason is responsible for the development of marketing campaigns and initiatives to encourage membership, meeting attendance, educational resource sales, and increase CRNI® exam candidates. He works with each INS and INCC department to develop strategies aimed at promoting and growing each organization.  As our chief tech guru, Jason is also responsible for database and Web site management. 


Maria Connors
Membership Services Manager
(781) 440-9408 ext. 364

Maria manages the daily operations of the INS Membership Services Department. In addition to ensuring your membership experience with INS is a positive one, she also serves as the staff liaison to the INS Chapter and International Affiliate programs.

Membership Services

(800) 694-0298

Cheryl Miller  ext. 331
Membership Services Coordinator

Kathy Scarpone ext. 334
Membership Services Representative

Maureen Fertitta ext. 330
Membership Services Representative


The INS Membership Services staff is dedicated to assisting members and other infusion professionals with their needs.

From renewing your membership to providing information on the certification exam to putting you in touch with a local chapter, INS membership services exists to enhance your membership experience. If you are interested in joining INS, purchasing a product, joining us for an Annual Meeting, or wish to enhance your current relationship with INS, please contact the Membership Services Department.

Susan Richberg
Office Administrator

(781) 440-9408 ext. 310

Susan manages the INS computer and phone systems, processes all UPS and USPS shipping, and manages a number of different membership mailings. Susan also assists the Membership Services Department with special projects and programs as needed.  


Dorothy Lohmann
Publications Manager 
(781) 440-9408 ext. 339

Dorothy directs the editing and production of INS’ publications. She is the managing editor of the Journal of Infusion Nursing, and is also the editor of the member newsletter, Newsline. Please contact Dorothy with questions about publishing manuscripts in the Journal or Newsline, or if you are interested in applying to the Editorial Review Board.

Margaret M. Quinlan
Publications Coordinator
(781) 440-9408 ext. 325

Margaret is responsible for editing and proofreading INS’ educational materials, including the Journal of Infusion Nursing and INS Newsline. She also works with authors and reviewers of the Journal and assists with article submission through our Web-based submission and review system, Editorial Manager. If you have questions about Editorial Manager, please contact Margaret.

Diane Rann
Graphic Designer

(781) 440-9408 ext. 309

Diane is responsible for all activities related to the design of INS marketing materials. She also maintains the INS Web site and designs the collateral educational materials for INS national meetings.

Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC)

Christina Valdés
INCC Certification Coordinator
(781) 440-9408 ext. 363

Christina is responsible for the coordination of test development and test administration activities for the Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI®) program administered by the Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC).  In addition, she assists in the development and implementation of INCC marketing programs and coordinates general operations of the certification and recertification process. Christina can be contacted for information about the CRNI® credential.




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