Clinical Competency Validation Program


Clinical Competency Validation Program (CCVP), 3rd edition


The Clinical Competency Validation Program (CCVP) is ideal for any clinician seeking to validate her or his infusion nursing skills in both acute care and alternate settings of the health care continuum. It is an accurate tool for evaluating infusion-related skills and for performance improvement processes. These tools can be used by nursing education, staff development, and infusion teams to validate competencies upon completion of a course or annual updates. This is not a self-directed continuing education course. The updated CCVP is available on a CD-ROM and is separated into six sections (Vascular Access Device Site Selection and Placement, Site Care and Maintenance, Vascular Access Device Removal, Infusion-Related Complications, Infusion-Related Procedures, Nonvascular Access) containing 37 specific nursing competencies.
The individual forms can be copied and taken to the bedside for procedural skill validation. For this revised edition, INS permits the reproduction of all material in the CCVP CD-ROM as many times as necessary to meet the needs of the staff in your facility.

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