Gardner Foundation Research Grant

Purpose: To stimulate quality research in the specialty practice of infusion nursing.

Allocation of funds is based on the quality of the proposed research, the future promise of the applicant and his or her ability to carry out the project, and the proposed budget. 
Eligible Candidates: INS members, registered nurses with current license 
Selection Criteria: Candidates must develop a clear and concise proposal following the outline below (6- page limit, double-spaced, font no smaller than Calibri 11 point). References are not included in the page limit.
1. Significance and Background:  This section describes the problem and why it is important to study. The information in this section is backed up by your review of the literature. 
2. The Research Questions: This section clearly states your research question(s). Use the PICO format to assist you in writing a clear research question.
3. Methods:  This section describes how the research will be done.  It should include
a. Design – the type of study, eg., descriptive, experimental, qualitative, correlational, survey methodology, retrospective, longitudinal
b. Sample 
i. Population
ii. Sampling procedures
iii. Sample size 
iv. Inclusion, exclusion criteria
c. Procedures
i. Plan for interventions if applicable
ii. Plan for data collection
1. Procedures for data collection
2. Theoretical and operational definitions of data (how you will measure the data)
d. Plan for data analysis
e. Acknowledgment of study limitations
f. Protection of human subjects (attach letter of Institutional Review Board [IRB] approval) 
g. Timeline (a table is suggested)
h. Budget (a table is suggested)
Please include your name in the body of the submission.
Conditions:  It is an expectation of INS that the results of the study will be disseminated to the INS membership by either podium presentation, poster, or manuscript.
Funding available: $5,000 

2016 Gardner Foundation Research Grant

  • Virginia Pohlod

Scholarship sponsored by
Smiths Medical



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