Want to start an Infusion Therapy Team but don't know where to begin?

The NEW Infusion Therapy Team Implementation Module from INS has everything you need  to get started…

This all-inclusive manual has three main components that will help you show how an Infusion Team can help your organization save money, time, resources, and improve patient outcomes.

The manual contains 8 SECTIONS - each one dedicated to a different phase of the implementation process.

Click here to read the Table of Contents and Introduction.



CD #1 
sample spreadsheets

that will show you how to track costs for:
       - supplies
       - nursing time
       - infusion-related complications

plus, a PowerPoint® presentation template to help you organize your data and present it to administrators.

Click here to view a sample spreadsheet or the PowerPoint
® presentation 




CD #2  
from the peer-reviewed Journal of Infusion Nursing which discuss the impact of infusion teams on patient care, infusion costs, and more. A complete bibliography and list of references from other sources is also included inside the manual.

Click here to view article samples


If you think your organization could benefit from a dedicated Infusion Team, Click here to purchase the all-new Infusion Therapy Team Implementation Module, or call INS Membership Services today at (800) 694-0298.


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