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Take the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists 2016 Workforce Survey. Visit the NACNS website for more information or take the survey now.

Infusion Card Deck Series Now Revised. Get yours in the INS Store.


CRNI® Academy

The CRNI® Academy is a game-changing online study tool designed to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to pass the CRNI® exam, with practice questions, interactive flash cards, detailed reports, and much more. It’s a study tool as smart as you are.

Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice and 2016 Policies and Procedures for Infusion Therapy now available in print and e-versions.


INS Digital Library

With the INS Digital Library, educational solutions are only a click away. Download entire publications or search by topic, and get only the sections you need. Best of all, it’s easy to read on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice Crosswalk: 2011/2016, Now Available in INS Learning Center.

For an explanation of the changes from 2011 version to the 2016 version, view the  Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice: Crosswalk 2011/2016 document, now in the INS Learning Center.

Safety Information Alerts

The latest Safety Information alerts are here.

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