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  • INS is funding a $5000 award for nursing research. Apply by May 1. Applicants will be notified of their status September 1.
  • The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists has published a fact sheet regarding the current shortage of certain large-volume intravenous solutions, along with a plan of action. Please read this important report today and help champion these critical conservation efforts.
  • View the 2014 Gardner Foundation Scholarship winners here.
  • One Million Global (OMG) Catheters Prevalence Study - A first of its kind study to evaluate and compare the current state of PIVC use and practices from hospitals across the world.
  • The latest issue of Infusion Spotlight, Management of Parenteral Nutrition, is now available in the Infusion News section of the INS Knowledge Center.
  • Join the Nurses’ Health Study
    The Harvard School of Public Health and Brigham and Women's Hospital are excited to announce that the Nurses' Health Study is growing. Previous cohorts taught us much of what we currently know about how diet and lifestyle can affect women's risk of developing cancer and other serious health conditions. The goal is to enroll 100,000 female nurses into a new web-based study! Read more of our story HERE.
  • If you are a female nurse between the ages of 20 and 46, JOIN the study!
  • The latest Safety Information alerts are here.

Thank you to BD for their generous support of the INS 2014 ePoster program,

"Advancing the Art and Science of Infusion Nursing"





The Wait Is Over
The Clinical Community Discussion page is now live. Think of it as INS’ “chat room,” where you can post or comment on existing clinical discussions. Join the discussion today by visiting the Clinical Nursing Forum section of the INS Knowledge Center!

The Clinical Community Discussion Page:  Connect. Share. Get Answers!



Educational Programming and Resources


Short Peripheral Catheter Insertion Guide Card Deck
The Short Peripheral Catheter (SPC) Insertion Card Deck provides step-by-step instruction for successful venipuncture in children and adults. The deck highlights proper site selection, insertion techniques, as well as care and maintenance methods. It also includes recommendations for identifying common complications such as phlebitis, infiltration, and extravasation. Key information is presented in concise, bulleted points, and is augmented by useful figures.

The laminated 5” x 8” cards (4 cards, 8 sides) are joined with a plastic ring that allows for use in any practice setting. Readily portable, the cards can be carried in a lab coat pocket or attached to a medication cart for easy reference at the point of care.
Think Safety. Insert Safely.


INS is pleased to announce its latest educational resource—Infusion Spotlight.Infusion Spotlight focuses on a specific topic of interest unique to the infusion community. A series of questions and answers will be addressed in each issue. Our latest issue focuses on Management of Parenteral Nutrition.

We hope you enjoy this latest resource.



INS Releases New Position Paper – Recommendations for Improving Safety Practices with Short Peripheral Catheters

The completely revised 4th edition covers the latest technological advances in infusion therapy and reflects the recent expansion of the practice of infusion nursing. A detailed outline format makes it easy to retrieve and review essential facts.

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International News


  • We are pleased to welcome our latest international affiliate, INS Germany, as it looks to improve infusion practice throughout the country.  Visit the International Affiliate page for more information.



The Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation (INCC), INS’ sister organization, offers the Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI®) credential. As the only nationally accredited certification for infusion nurses, the prestigious CRNI® warrants the recognition and respect of patients, peers, and employers and demonstrates a dedication to the pursuit of lifelong learning and delivery of quality health care.
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