Cheryl Grandy, RN, CRNI® and the team at Wheeling Hospital in West Virginia, celebrate IV Nurse Day.

IV Nurse Day 2016

Every year on January 25, infusion professionals around the United States celebrate IV Nurse Day. Established 35 years ago, IV Nurse Day is meaningful for the infusion nurse professionals who have dedicated their lives to providing their patients with the best care possible.

As the official IV Nurse Day proclamation reads, “recognition is long overdue for the nurses who practice IV therapy,” and we couldn’t agree more.

How We Celebrated IV Nurse Day 2016

This year’s IV Nurse Day theme was “IV Nurses: Infusing Care Is Our Passion,” and many of you contributed your group and selfie photos to our IV Nurse Day video. Please watch and share with your colleagues.

If you have photos of your celebration, send them to; we’d be happy to share them. You can still download the official IV Nurse Day Poster and post it at work, home, and anywhere where you want to create awareness for all the great things infusion nurses do.

Celebrate IV Nurse Day all year long!

Watch the IV Nurse Day Video
Read the Official Proclamation Download IV Nurse Day Poster

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