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Medical Education Grant By: Fresenius Kabi

This presentation will address the complexities of infusing parenteral nutrition and biosimilars. We will discuss the key elements of the 2021 INS Standards of Practice for safe infusion of parenteral nutrition and the development and FDA approval of biosimilars including the pegfilgrastim biosimilar products for oncology supportive care.

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What makes smart pumps so smart?
Learn about data that can save your patient’s life.

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Who are Infusion Nurses?

An infusion nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in the practice of infusion therapy. The infusion nurse’s primary focus is patient safety demonstrated through the comprehensive management of all patient infusion needs, including: planning for and inserting the vascular access device (VAD); managing and administering the therapeutic treatment regimen; recognizing and managing complications; and overseeing the conclusion of treatment and VAD discontinuation.

Infusion therapy, the administration of medications or fluids intravenously, is delivered in all health care settings, across the spectrum of care to all age groups and patient populations. Infusion therapy is essential when the patient’s medical treatment must be intravenous and cannot be accomplished by other routes of administration. Infusion nurses are essential in coordinating patient care in collaboration with the interprofessional health care team. As an integral part of the health care team, the infusion nurse remains dedicated to evidence-based practice and improving patient outcomes.

Infusion nurses specialize in infusion therapy practice and often strive for certification. Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI®) certification demonstrates knowledge and expertise within the specialty and validates the nurse’s clinical background experience. The certified infusion nurse is a leader who is dedicated to ongoing professional development, endeavors to remain current in the practice of infusion therapy and adheres to the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice.

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Fundamentals of Infusion Therapy

INS is proud to introduce the new Fundamentals of Infusion Therapy (FIT) Program! FIT is an online, interactive platform that offers an enhanced learning experience through audio, video and 3D graphic presentations. The program features 8 learning modules that take the participant, step by step, through the essential elements of Infusion therapy. Developed in alignment with INS’ Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice, FIT is a valuable tool for students and practitioners at all levels of the Infusion Nursing specialty.

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Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice

Available for purchase in the INS bookstore

INS’ most recognized publication, the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice provides the framework to define and develop organizational infusion-based policies and procedures for all practice settings.

INS Policies and Procedures Covers

Policies and Procedures for Infusion Therapy- Now Available

Policies and Procedures for Infusion Therapy family of resources, provides a consistent, step-by-step guide to infusion procedures, enhancing your knowledge, understanding, and practice of infusion nursing.

CRNI® Exam Study Guide & Practice Questions

CRNI® Exam Study Guide and Practice Questions

The comprehensive CRNI® Study Guide includes 125 sample questions, answers and rationales that will help prepare candidates for the CRNI® Exam.

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