CRNI® Exam Content

CRNI® Exam Handbook

One of the most important tools for any candidate interested in the CRNI® credential is the CRNI® Exam Handbook. Inside you will find more detailed information about the CRNI® Exam content, study materials, testing center information, sample exam questions, and more.


Exam Content & Complexity

Candidates are scored on 150 out of 170 items administered over three hours. The exam's content is based on the following eight core content areas of infusion nursing and is derived from the results of the Role Delineation Study to ensure that the exam accurately reflects the practice of the average infusion nurse.

Technology and Clinical Applications 33 questions 22.0%
Fluid and Electrolyte Balance 21 questions 14.0%
Pharmacology 19 questions 12.7%
Infection Prevention and Control 21 questions 14.0%
Special Populations 14 questions 9.3%
Transfusion Therapy 14 questions 9.3%
Antineoplastic and Biologic Therapy 14 questions 9.3%
Parenteral Nutrition 14 questions 9.3%
  150 questions 100%

CRNI® Exam item complexity levels fall into one of three categories to properly and fairly evaluate the knowledge of the candidate.

  Recall:   Requires the ability to recall or recognize specific information
  Application:   Requires the ability to comprehend, relate, or apply knowledge to new or changing situations
  Analysis:   Requires the ability to analyze and synthesize information, determine solutions, and/or evaluate the usefulness of a solution presented


CRNI® Exam Outline

The Detailed Content Outline is also available in the CRNI® Exam Handbook, provides an outline of the information that the CRNI® exam will test, broken down by content area. Each content area is assigned a percentage indicating how the topic area is weighted on the exam to help you tailor your study. You will want to familiarize yourself with all eight core areas listed. INCC encourages all applicants to complete a self-assessment using the Detailed Content Outline to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses to identify areas you may need to review or focus on.

CRNI® Exam References

Another valuable source of information is the Approved CRNI® Exam Reference List. This list of references is used by the CRNI® Exam item writers to validate the correct answers to the exam questions. If you find that during your study you need additional information we encourage you to use one of the resources listed on the exam bibliography.

You may also wish to familiarize yourself with the Approved CRNI® Exam Abbreviation List. On this list you will find the abbreviations used on CRNI® Exam items.

More in-depth information about preparing for the CRNI® Exam can be found in the Study Information tab.