CRNI® Accreditations

The CRNI®s dual accreditations and a proven track record of more than 30 years assure patients, employers, and peers that the CRNI® credential is a credible and reliable method of validating a nurse’s experience in the specialty of infusion therapy.


Scaled and Raw Passing Scores

Score reports indicate a candidate’s exam result—either pass or fail. They also provide additional details in the form of scaled and raw scores by major content category.

  • Raw scores indicate the number of questions a candidate has answered correctly. The raw score determines a candidate’s pass or fail status. Although the exam consists of 170 questions, candidates' scores are based on 150 questions. Twenty questions are pretest questions. In recent years, the raw passing score has ranged from approximately 100 to 105, depending on differences in the difficulty of the examination forms.
  • Scaled scores are reported to take into account the potential for varying levels of difficulty between exams; the scaled score required to pass is always 70, which is intended to represent the same amount of knowledge required to earn the CRNI® credential.

Learn more about Scaled and Raw passing scores here.

Role Delineation Study

INCC appointed a Role Delineation Advisory Committee (RDAC) in March 2012 to conduct the activities necessary to identify responsibilities of practitioners and develop examination specifications. The diversity of this group was reflective of the practice of infusion nursing throughout the United States, and all RDAC members had demonstrated expertise in their respective areas of specialization.

The purpose of the role delineation study, also known as a practice analysis or job analysis, was to identify the necessary knowledge and tasks involved in infusion nursing practice as a first step in the continuing development of a job-related certification examination. INCC requested the services of Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (PSI/AMP) to design and conduct a study that would provide the support necessary to develop specifications upon which content valid certification examination could be built for infusion nurses.

Learn more about the Role Delineation Study here.

Appeals/Disciplinary Process

View the appeals, complaint, and disciplinary policy and process in full here.

CRNI® Exam Statistics


Year Number of Exam Candidates Number of Exam Passers First Time Pass Rate
2017 313 219 71%
2018 302 200 66%
2019 157 96 64%
Total CRNI®'s: 2880

Recertification Statistics


Year CRNI® Due to Expire Recertifying CRNI® Recertification Rate
2017 1048 765 73%
2018 937 655 70%
2019  949     
Total CRNI®'s: 2880