CRNI® Retired Status

CRNI-R status is available to CRNI® of six years or more who have retired from nursing and have no plans to returning to active practice. CRNI-R are not subject to the same eligibility or recertification requirements as the CRNI®. If the CRNI-R wishes to regain active CRNI® status, he or she must meet the requirements applicable for initial certification

Eligibility Requirements

  • Current CRNI® credential
  • Retired from nursing with no plans to return to active nursing
  • A letter of retirement from employer
  • CRNI® for at least 6 consecutive years prior to application for CRNI-R

CRNI-R Recertification Requirements

The CRNI-R credential is renewable every 3 years. An updated application form and applicable fee should be received by INCC no later than December 15th the year of expiration. INCC will mail a reminder prior to expiration.

A CRNI-R found to be actively practicing as a CRNI®, will have their retired status revoked immediately, and the option to regain CRNI® status will be removed.