Leading the Leader

Recognizing employees isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s good business sense. Read how a little appreciation goes a long way here.

Nurses Lead National Effort to Get Hospitals to Hire Specialists

Sheri Pieroni and Connie Girgenti recently launched an effort to get hospitals to hire vascular access nurses to perform IV insertions.

Infusion Centers Help Navigate the Cost of Care

An article posted on medscape.com highlights how the number of ambulatory infusion centers is growing as more payers refuse to cover biologic infusions for patients with chronic illnesses in hospitals because of the higher costs.

12-year-old Invents Plush Partner for Children Receiving IV Therapy

A little girl with an autoimmune disorder—one that may never be cured—is dedicated to creating a “friendlier experience” for children that, like her, require routine infusion therapy. Twelve-year-old Ella Casano was inspired to invent a smiling little companion to hang out (literally) with kids like her—Medi Teddy. It’s a teddy bear that can be placed on a pole, with a specially designed pouch on its back made to hold the IV bag and allow care providers to easily check fluid levels. This 12-year-old patent-holder (along with her parents) recently raised enough money to start making Medi Teddy; their first order of 500 bears will be donated to hospital pediatric units. You can learn more about Ella, as well as support her cause, on her website.

Collaboration between organizations doesn't just breed new skills in their employees—it can also lead to new resources that dramatically benefit patients. Read all about it in the newest edition of INS' INSider, available now!

Leading the Leader

Learn why setting personal goals is key to your professional development in this article written by Dawn Berndt, DNP, RN, CRNI® from the latest edition of INSider.

Learn what new authors need to know about getting their work published in this article form the most recent issue of INS' INSider.

Congratulations to 96 registered nurses who earned their CRNI® by passing the March 2019 CRNI® exam, you truly do soar above the rest!

Join us by welcoming them to our elite and global community of CRNIs!

Find the full list of passers here.

INS to Sponsor Infusion Research Grant Through American Nurses Foundation (ANF)

The Foundation’s Nursing Research Grants (NRG) Program is designed to encourage the research career development of all nurses. Each year, through the NRG Program, the Foundation provides funds to beginning and experienced nurse researchers to conduct studies that contribute to the advancement of nursing science and the enhancement of patient outcomes. INS is proud to sponsor an infusion grant in 2020.

INS Student Nursing Leadership Scholarship Winner Announced  

Each year INS sponsors a Student Nursing Leadership Scholarship through the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA). Richelle Herron, RMA (AMT) from Ferguson, MO has been selected as the recipient of the 2019 scholarship. Richelle thanked INS and let us know of her plans:

Upon graduation and licensure, I plan to impact the profession of nursing in a positive way by specializing as a Cardiovascular ICU nurse.  As you know, many comorbidities are the result of cardiovascular disease. It is my goal to treat and reverse illness while teaching my family, friends, and community about how to prevent the causes of these conditions.  I am sure to be utilizing my IV therapy skills while I perform this lifesaving work.

We wish Richelle the very best as she embarks on her nursing career.

The Nursing Organizations Alliance (NOA) to present a one-hour webinar on history of the Nurses on Board Coalition (NOBC) on April 17, 2019

The webinar will share an overview and history of the NOBC and discuss the roles, resources, and impact that nurses have serving on boards. The NOBC is an organization whose goal is to improve the health of communities and the nation through the service of nurses on boards and other bodies. INS is a member of NOA which enables INS members to attend this webinar free of charge.

Share Your Chair: The Patient's Perspective in Infusion Care

Share Your Chair! In this article Amy Rios discusses the value of improving the patient experience. 

2019 Nurse in Washington Internship (NIWI) Conference

Participants learn from health policy experts and government officials, network with other nurses, and gain hands-on experience through scheduling visits and meeting with their members of Congress. NIWI is open to any RN or nursing student that is interested in an orientation to the legislative process. NIWI also features an Advocacy 201 breakout session for repeat attendees or those who already have basic advocacy skills.


Tales From the Institutional Review Board: Changes to the Common Rule  

In last month’s issue of INS' INSider Britt M. Meyer, PhD, RN, CRNI®, VA-BC, NE-BC, provides risk control recommendations to minimize liability exposure and enhance patient safety, based on a recent report done by the NSO. Read the full article here.

Vascular Access Team Implementation and Proving Cost Savings to the C-Suite
January 23, 2019

Change within healthcare organizations is often met with resistance and leadership commitment is crucial to overcome barriers to success. However, gaining administrative support for change can be an intimidating process for many clinicians. Learn from Michael Whitner, BSN, RN, VA-BC, as he describes how the identification and communication of relevant data to key stakeholders helped garner support for creation of a vascular access team. He will also discuss how this team has contributed to improved patient care, better clinical outcomes and the facility bottom line.

INS Announces Bylaw Change 

A proposal to change the election process for members who would like to serve on the INS Board of Directors—from voting by the membership to election by acclamation—was put to a vote by INS members, in accordance with INS bylaws.

The results of the voting have been tabulated and the proposal has passed by a 72% to 28% vote.

This change to the bylaws will become effective immediately, and the new process for selection of board members will begin with the 2019 slate.

We thank all those who participated in the process.

INS Announces Partnership with Capella University

Your personal development matters to us. That's why the Infusion Nurses Society has partnered with Capella University to help eligible members and immediate family members reach their education goals. Capella presents solutions that help fit your budget, lifestyle, and ambitions. Click here to learn more.

Qualification or Certification

This article discusses the difference between qualifications and certifications, why a nurse would seek out a specialty certification, and how to identify a quality certification program.

Congratulations to all those who Passed this September's CRNI® Exam

Last month 99 individuals passed their CRNI® exam. You can see the whole list of names here

Compounding: Prepare With Care

The September/October INSider cover story takes a look at medication compounding and upcoming revisions to USP compounding chapters from the USP Healthcare Quality & Safety Team.

INS Partners with Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation

We are a proud partner of Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation™! Any organization supporting nurses can be part of this initiative. Is your workplace a partner? If not, ask them to join! http://www.healthynursehealthynation.org

INS Announces Opposition to Nurse Staffing Ballot Question in Massachusetts

Safe, quality patient care is at the center of all we do as registered nurses, regardless of our specialty. Our education and experience enable each of us to prioritize and individualize our patients’ care. Mandated nurse-patient staffing ratios will have a severe impact on our ability to maintain this autonomy, and we believe it is an affront to our professional judgement. INS supports the Coalition to Protect Patient Safety in its opposition to government-mandated staffing ratios and encourages Massachusetts voters to vote No on Question 1.

INS 2018 ePoster Virtual Exhibit is Now Open 

INS is pleased to publish educational material presented at INS 2018, held May 19-22, 2018, in Cleveland, Ohio. Open to all infusion therapy professionals, electronic poster (ePoster) presenters shared evidence-based projects, research, practice initiatives, and clinical innovations. ePosters were exhibited to meeting attendees in a multimedia format, on flat-panel high-definition monitors complete with animation and videos. Attendees voted for the ePoster that best represented the infusion therapy specialty.

Making an Impact Through Service on Boards

Learn about the initiative that's placing nurses on nonprofit, corporate, and government boards, panels, and commissions through the Nurses on Boards Coalition.

Advocacy Now

How the enforcement of USP <797> regulations will impact physician-office sites of care

Reclaim Your Passion for Infusion Nursing

Get excited about your work! Sue Salvemini, Med, BS, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP is here to give you some helpful tips on how you can reclaim your passion for infusion nursing. Check it out in the latest edition of INSider here.

The State of Infusion Administration in US Health Care

Purdue University researchers share results from the second survey of infusion-related study questions. You can read about the results in the newest edition of INSider here. 

New INS Podcast

Infusion Nurses Society (INS) presents "Complications Happen," a 6-part series presented by top infusion therapy experts, which addresses infusion therapy-related complications. Knowing how to recognize the signs and symptoms of problems and identifying them as early as possible can have a significant impact on positive patient outcomes. Treating the sequelae of unrecognized complications can be costly, result in poor outcomes, and decrease patient satisfaction. Each episode will discuss a different complication.

NSO Webinar - The Non-Adherent Patient: Risk Control Strategies For Nurses

Patient non-adherence can come in many forms: unwillingness to follow a course of therapy, repeated missed appointments, rejecting treatment recommendations, reluctance to take medications, refusal to provide information or chronic late payments. If left unchecked, such conduct may result in litigation. The objective of this presentation is to empower nurses with strategies to not only recognize these patient behaviors but also take steps to reduce the likelihood of malpractice claims. Using selected claim scenarios, RNs and LPNs/LVNs can examine their own current risk control practices in relation to the claims and losses experienced by their peers.

Register Now

American Nurses Foundation - INS Research Grant
INS is pleased to announce the sponsorship of a $5,000 grant through the American Nurses Foundation Nursing Research Grants (NRG) Program. Each year the NRG Program provides funds to beginning and experienced nurse researchers to conduct studies that contribute toward the advancement of nursing science and the enhancement of patient outcomes. 

The INS Research Grant focuses on the science and practice of infusion therapy with preference given to applicants who are INS members. Submission deadline is May 1, 2018. Don't miss this great opportunity!

NSNA Scholarship Recipient 
INS in conjunction with the National Student Nurses Association (NSNA), is pleased to announce that Katelyn Dalton of the University of Tennessee Knoxville, was awarded the Infusion Nurses Society Student Leadership Scholarship through NSNA. As a long-time sponsor of this award, INS recognizes the importance of nursing leadership and the key role it plays in advancing the profession. We congratulate Katelyn and wish her well as she embarks on her nursing career.

Empowering Nurses to Protect Themselves and Their Patients: Disaster Preparedness through the Seasons
Healthcare personnel may serve as responders during disasters or infectious disease outbreaks. To effectively respond to public health emergencies and natural disasters, healthcare professionals must engage in emergency preparedness and response activities. This webinar will address how nurses can be prepared to maximize patient safety, decrease occupational exposures, and prevent the spread of infections in their schools, healthcare facilities, and communities during an outbreak or disaster. To register for this webinar on Friday, March 16 at 2 PM EST, visit https://cc.readytalk.com/r/93rso6jbhnai&eom

Self Assessment Submission Deadline Now March 16, 2018
ISMP is extending the date by which data must be submitted for the new self assessment on high-alert medications from February 28 to March 16. The additional extension is being provided due to numerous requests from organizations for more time to evaluate all of the categories of high-alert medications used in their facilities. Each of the 11 medication sections included in the assessment can be submitted to ISMP separately when ready. To access the ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment for High-Alert Medications workbook, go to: www.ismp.org/selfassessments/SAHAM/Default.aspx. To continue work on the assessment, verify that data has been submitted, and/or view your facility’s results, log in to your account at: http://ismpassessments.org/high_alert/.

Free Continuing Education Opportunity in Infection Prevention and Control
In its quest to help empower nurses to protect their patients and themselves through real time infection prevention and training the Nursing Infection Control Education Network (NICE Network) will be hosting its fifth webinar series titled Empowering Nurses to Protect Themselves and Their Patients: Exploring Best Practices in Injection Safety on February 22 at 1:00pm EST. INS’ Nurse Educator Michelle Berreth BSN, RN, CRNI®, CPP is one of the presenters, and will be discussing safe injection practices that are intended to prevent CLABSIs in her presentation entitled Reduce Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infections: Practice Safe Injection. To register for the webinar visit https://cc.readytalk.com/r/j5n63qeujgek&eom

ECRI Institute Seeking Clinical Reviewers
ECRI Institute is an independent nonprofit that researches the best approaches to improving safety, quality, and cost effectiveness of patient care. We conduct hands-on testing of medical products and devices ranging from sutures, and patient monitors to implants and robotic surgery systems. Our evaluation findings are published on-line for our members.

INS CEO Mary Alexander Elected to NOA Coordinating Team for 3-Year Term
INS Chief Executive Officer Mary Alexander, MA, RN, CRNI®, CAE, FAAN, was elected to the Nursing Organizations Alliance (NOA) Coordinating Team (CT) at NOA’s Fall Summit held, November 16-18, 2017, in Birmingham, Alabama. The CT is responsible for coordinating educational opportunities and business affairs for NOA, a coalition of 59 nursing organizations united to create a strong voice for nurses. INS has been an NOA member since its inception in 2001.

Nurse In Washington Internship
Participants learn from health policy experts and government officials, network with other nurses, and gain hands-on experience through scheduling visits and meeting with their members of Congress. Legislative “asks” will be provided for the attendees to practice with and present in their meetings with their members of Congress. NIWI is open to any RN or nursing student that is interested in an orientation to the legislative process. NIWI also features an Advocacy 201 breakout session for repeat attendees or those who already have basic advocacy skills. Learn more!

Fluid & Medication Shortage: Implications for Nursing
During times of fluid or medication shortages, the infusion nurse must be fastidious when administering infusion therapies. As supply inventories are adjusted to manage these shortages, infusion nurses may anticipate changes in product brands, fluid containers or connector designs. Also, methods of administration may change, such as pushing IV medications that may have been previously diluted and administered as an infusion. In the midst of these many unpredictable changes, our patients depend on infusion nurses who are dedicated to ensure safe medication administration. Remind your colleagues to slow down and practice the steps of verification for each infusion according to the Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice 57: Parenteral Medication and Solution Administration.

Home Infusion Therapy Services Market to Witness Exponential Growth by 2025
Read about the expect growth in home care infusion health in this article!

Endorsement of Policies and Procedures, For Infusion Nursing
INS is proud to announce that Policies and Procedures for Infusion Therapy: Neonate to Adolescent, has been endorsed by the Society of Pediatric Nurses. Get your copy today!

The Modern Infusion Nurse
Read how being a member of INS and following the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice are components to best practice for infusion nursing.

Safety Information Alerts—The latest Safety Information alerts are here.