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Every January 25, infusion nurses and other health care professionals observe National IV Nurse Day. Established in 1980, the U.S. House of Representatives designated this day to honor and recognize the accomplishments of the nation’s infusion nurse specialists each year, as well as the Infusion Nurses Society. 

The 2019 theme, “Providing PIVotal Care,” will be featured on a variety of merchandise and gear. Treat yourself or your team to a special something! Invited infusion nurses to commemorate their commitment to their work and to their patients with a special interactive photo share. They downloaded INS’ IV Nurse Day sign, snapped photos holding the sign, and sent them to ins@ins1.org. Check out the full gallery below.

As the official IV Nurse Day proclamation reads, “recognition is long overdue for the nurses who practice IV therapy.” We couldn’t agree more. We hope you enjoyed your day!

Check out some photos from last years campaign:

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