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CRNI® Recertification Basics

Beginning in 2018, candidates who pass the March exam will begin their certification period on April 1.
The certification will expire 3 years later on April 1.

Those who pass the September exam will begin their certification period on October 1.
The certification will expire 3 years later on October 1.

ALL existing CRNI®s (those passing the CRNI® exam prior to 2018) will have their certification expire every third year on January 1.

While INCC does provide recertification reminders, it is a CRNI®’s professional responsibility to track RUs and to ensure that INCC receives a complete recertification or exam application with appropriate fees by published deadlines. To ensure you receive all reminders, please inform INCC of any changes to your mailing or email address by contacting INCC at

Eligibility Requirements

To recertify your CRNI® credential, you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Hold a current, active, and unrestricted RN license. 
  • Have a minimum of 1,000 hours of experience in infusion therapy, as an RN, within the last three years; direct bedside experience is not required. Nursing experience may be in the areas of nursing education, administration, research, or clinical practice within the infusion specialty.


Recertification Options

Recertification by Exam

To recertify by exam, a CRNI® must fill out a Recertification by Exam application and take the CRNI® Exam during the final year of their certification cycle.

Recertification by Continuing Education (CE)

CRNI®s choosing to recertify by continuing education must fill out a Recertification by CE application and complete 40 CRNI® Recertification Units (RUs) during the current three-year certification cycle. Additional RUs earned will not roll over to subsequent cycles. Explore established deadlines, RU options and instructions on how to upload RUs to your record.

Use this 3-year budget plan to set yourself up for recertification success by using INCC’s Financial Planning Recommendations.

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