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I do not know anything about the CRNI® certification program but would like to learn more. How I can become CRNI® certified?

To help you unpack the CRNI® certification process, download a complimentary copy of the latest CRNI® Exam Handbook. This will give you comprehensive breakdown of the exam, study materials, recertification process and more! Download your copy here.

I have been a nurse working with IV's for years. Am I eligible to take the CRNI® exam?
In order to sit for the CRNI® exam, you must have completed a 1600-hour requirement in the specialty. Fulfilling this requirement indicates to INCC that you are interested in becoming certified as a practitioner of infusion therapy. The infusion therapy specialty is the basis of our CRNI® Certification program. The 1600 hours do not have to be strictly clinical, bedside experience. The hours can include assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating the care and needs of patients and/or clients who require infusion therapy.

Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily assessment and care of peripheral and central vascular access devices
  • Administration of medications by venous access, such as: I.V. antibiotics, hydration, biologic therapies, parenteral nutrition and others
  • I.V. therapy – product evaluation, policy and procedure development, quality improvement, education
I am an active CRNI® and I was granted a digital badge, but I cannot find my welcome email. How can I log into BadgeCert and activate my new badge?

If you are having trouble with your login or forgot your password, just click “forgot password” on BadgeCert’s website: and reset your login information. Also, make sure our emails don’t get sent to your junk or spam folders by adding “” to your contacts.

I am an active CRNI® looking for resources to help me explain the importance of my CRNI® credential to my employer, for support. Where can I find tools and resources to help me?
INCC has developed new tools and resources, which are available to CRNI®s free of charge, to help you maintain and promote your certification. These resources have been designed to be used at nursing fairs, in-service programs and review courses, in order to help you maximize, maintain and explain the value of your CRNI® credential with confidence. To get started, visit INCC’s CRNI® Resources webpage here.
What is the difference between an INS membership fee and a CRNI® recertification application fee?

When you pay INS membership fees, you become an official member of Infusion Nurses Society (INS) and gain access to the many membership benefits. When you pay your CRNI® recertification application fee on the final year of your certification cycle, you are renewing your CRNI® credential, which expires every three years.

Do I really need to pay a CRNI® recertification fee? Why?

Yes, maintaining your CRNI® credential does incur a cost. The CRNI® is a professional certification program that requires investment in the development of activities and materials that you can use to maintain a high-level of expertise in the infusion nursing specialty. This is important, because the process of recertification assures your employer that you are engaging in continuing education to stay informed on current trends and best practice as an infusion nurse.

What is the difference between INS Meeting Recertification Units (RUs) and non-INS Meeting Recertification Units?
For CRNI® recertification, you need 40 RUs, of which at least 30 RUs must come from the INS Meeting category. INS Meeting Recertification Units can be obtained in person at an INS meeting. Alternatively, these RUs can be obtained online, through Virtual Infusion Education and Conference Learning activities, which can be found in the INS LEARNING CENTER. For your convenience, INS Meeting options are shaded in green in INCC’s RU Option chart here.

The other 10 RUs can be obtained through a variety of options, such as INS’ popular webinars, which are available in the INS LEARNING CENTER for free, for INS members. For your convenience, a list of non-INS Meeting options are unshaded in INCC’s RU Option chart here.

I believe I’ve been acquiring Recertification Units (RUs) but I cannot see them in my certification profile. Why?
Only internal RUs from an onsite INS Meeting are considered approved and show in your profile. All other external RUs, as well as those obtained through the INS LEARNING CENTER, can only be submitted once you have:

  1. Accounted for all 40 RUs required for CRNI® recertification
  2. Completed and submitted a recertification application with your recertification fee

Once you have submitted your RUs for approval, they will be reviewed by an INCC staff member and they will be added to your record. Please note: RUs are approved in the order they are received.

How do I upload external Recertification Units (RUs not obtained from an onsite INS meeting) to my certification profile?
External Recertification Units (RUs) can only be submitted upon completion of a recertification application in the final year of your certification cycle. Learn how to upload external RUs by scrolling to the bottom of INCC’s Recertification by CE webpage. For more instructions here.
I have 40 Recertification Units (RUs). What do I do next?
Once you have obtained 40 RUs, you can complete a recertification application via your CRNI® certification profile in the final year of your certification cycle. Once you submit your application and your recertification fee, you will be able to *submit all of your RUs for approval. Additional information regarding CRNI® Recertification by CE deadlines and fees can be found here.

*RUs submitted are reviewed by an INCC staff member and approved in the order they are received.

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