INS Awards and Recognition

INS Awards and Recognition Program

The Infusion Excellence Award program recognizes leadership, education, research, innovation, and certification as categories most reflective of today’s infusion nurse and the infusion specialty. By developing individual awards represented in these categories, INS and INCC will help honor INS member clinicians who have made significant contributions to their organizations and the infusion specialty.

INS members can nominate individuals within their professional community to receive these awards. Potential recipients will be determined by the INS Awards and Recognition Committee. Award recipients will be recognized on this web page, through an INS podcast, and in a special column in INSider.


Alicia Wilson, BSN, RN, CRNI®

Alicia Wilson, BSN, RN, CRNI®

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Alicia Wilson, BSN, RN, CRNI®

“I found my calling to nursing 14 years ago while working at a local bank. After helping customers with their financial needs, I was told numerous times that I would make a great nurse. Clients were always impressed by my ability to show true compassion while helping people, even in a financial capacity.  

“I took a leap of faith and started attending San Antonio College to earn my ADN in nursing. My first assignment was as a progressive care nurse, where I quickly exceled. After 1 year I was awarded the Daisy Award for outstanding nursing care and commitment to my patients. In 2015 I graduated with my BSN from the University of Texas at Arlington. During those years, I stayed busy being a part of multiple safety and practice committees to bring prevention practices to fellow nursing staff, and managers, about many common health care issues in the hospital setting. It was also during this time that I transitioned to working at a transplant hospital. There, I did a short stint on the surgery floor but went on to work in the ICU.  

“My connections there lead me to Paragon Healthcare, where I became an infusion nurse. Within 1 year, I earned the highest award offered by my company, the “I Am a Paragon” award. I was promoted to clinical director and then district operations manager shortly thereafter. As I continued to work through all the struggles and hardships of a new and rapidly growing infusion clinic amid a pandemic, my location remained one of the highest-performing clinics in the company. I now run 5 clinics in my region as a DOM. I continue to promote education among my staff by holding monthly journal clubs based on the INS Standards of Practice. Medication administration safety is our focus, which is made clear from the moment our employees enter our practice. INS membership is highly encouraged and provided free of cost to all full-time practitioners within our company. Adherence to INS Standards and attaining CRNI® certification is pivotal to how we provide patient care. I encourage all employees to achieve professional advancement by obtaining a CRNI®. My passion is to encourage our next generation of nurses and nurse leaders.” 


Presented to a CRNI® whose certification through INCC has advanced the welfare of his or her patients, organization, or the infusion specialty.

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The program will recognize 6 individuals each year with an award given bimonthly in the following categories.
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Past Winners

Margaret Hempstead BSN, RN, CRNI®, VA-BC, EMT-B

Margaret Hempstead BSN, RN, CRNI®, VA-BC, EMT-B

Margaret Hempstead has enjoyed a 43-year nursing career at Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital, a Magnet Recognized hospital in Oceanside, New York. She serves as a Nurse Manager of a department of 20 infusion/vascular therapy nurses and holds both the CRNI® and VA-BC...

Jenny L’Heureux, CRNI®, RN

Jenny L’Heureux, CRNI®, RN

Jenny L’Heureux currently works at Fairview Home Infusion (FHI) in Minneapolis, MN as a Clinical Nurse Supervisor. She is responsible for onboarding new hires. In collaboration with nursing leaders, she clinically supports 80 FHI field nurses. Fairview Home Infusion...

Christopher Grimes BSN, RN, CRNI®

Christopher Grimes BSN, RN, CRNI®

Chris has been a nurse (RN, BSN) for over 6 years, which began in the PICU/CICU at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, PA. He earned his CCRN certification after 2 years; and served as an innovative leader for both the unit-based and...

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